Please read this first before ordering


How to use the shop
Click on the "Add to cart" button of each entry to add the cutting to your shopping basket. Your shopping cart appears in the right-hand corner and on that page you can change the number of cuttings you want of each sort, or you can press the "Add to cart" button more than once. When you have finished choosing, go the the shopping cart page to continue with the checkout procedure;  you will be asked relevant information, such as address, and payment method. The system will first show the postage rate for the Netherlands, but once you have filled in the address page, that will be adjusted for your country. Please make sure that the email address is correct as that is the one the system uses to send you a confirmation. If you add a - preferably mobile - phone number, I will put it on the address label so the postman or courier can phone when no one is at home when he delivers your parcel.

!! If the postman / delivery company needs a code to get into the building, please supply that as well or you run the risk that your parcel will not be delivered.


Due to severe problems encountered in sending packages to the USA, Australia and Russia, orders from those countries are not accepted. If you want to discuss alternative arrangements, e.g. through a delivery company, or via another country, contact me first.



Due to Brexit and changed VAT-rules, I can, for the time being, no longer send parcels to the UK. Sorry about that, but the additional administration involved just isn't worth it.



Customers are responsible for obeying the rules of their country on importing plant material, so if your country does not allow you to import plants, please do NOT order from my shop.

Shipping costs depend on country of destination. I have tried to include all countries that I get orders from, but if you should find that your country is not listed, choose "Cyprus" and include your country in the Notes-field. We will sort the correct postage out separately.



All parcels will be sent with Track & Trace and you will be able to follow your parcel on Some countries, however, do not except Track & Trace and then it will be sent untracked.  The courier and price of postage & packaging depends on the country you come from.

You can save yourself some money by collecting your order from the nursery and it is also possible for me to take the plants to a market which will save you the cost of P&P.

!! As it is impossible to predict exactly how much your parcel will weigh, as cuttings are sometimes a bit larger or smaller than the average weight displayed in the shop, I will check before sending that postage has been calculated properly. If necessary, you will either get an additional request for money or a refund. Refunds take a bit longer as I have to wait for the invoice from the postal service for the exact costs they have charged for the parcel.



Most cuttings will be sent out in cardboard boxes with bio-degradable packing material material (see blog for details) to ensure insulation and padding. Impatiens cuttings, however, are sent in a sealed plastic bag.

Boxes of up to 2 kg are used. If the order weighs more, we will use multiple boxes to avoid too much weight pressing down on the bottom items.
Parcels are usually sent out on Monday or Tuesday, because then they may arrive before the weekend - I hope. They will never be sent out on Fridays.


All prices in the shop are in Euro's.


Discount codes
If your order is between 250 and 500 euros, you can get a 10% discount by entering discount code "10percent". Orders over 500 euros will get 20% off by entering "20percent".


Payment methods

1. Methods for ordering and paying in one easy action. This is definitely the quickest option. Once you have chosen the items to order, the website will guide you through the process.

  • iDeal. Dutch customers are kindly asked to use this method as it is the easiest and cheapest for me.
  • Creditcard. Payment via PLink (Mollie).
  • PayPal (includes credit card, debit card, and bank transfer options). By choosing this payment method you will be automatically directed to the PayPal site. When you've entered your information there, you'll be brought back to this store to complete your order.

2. Alternatively you can also chose the following methods, but then payment is deferred and I will only send the parcel when the money has been received.

  • Invoice.  If you do not want to use any of the payment options listed above, you can chose 'invoice' which will be sent to you via email with information on how to pay. This may take a little while, as I have to do that myself and am not always sitting behind the computer.
  • Test Order. Use this option if you want me to send you a payment link via PLink or SumUp. You will receive an email with the link, but it may take a while as I will only see your request when I am not in the greenhouse.

3. Another option is Local Pickup. Please choose this option if you want to collect your order from the nursery, but please contact me first to agree on a date and time. Do NOT just come to the nursery. We may not be there.


Please do not order when there is a frost in your area !!! The plants I sell cannot take frost, so in order to avoid disappointments, make sure it is warm enough where you live. I will obviously not send anything when there is a frost in my area.



Phyto-certificates are not included.


Work is still in progress but more pictures and descriptions will be added over time.


Not listed
If you are interested in species which are not listed, please let me know. I may have the sorts, but not in sufficient quantity to put them on the list. Or, I may be able to obtain one through another succulent-friend. This is certainly the case for Dischidias, special Hoya sorts, and for Epiphylliums. Special orders do, however, take a bit longer, as I will have to go looking for them!



The sorts on the lists should all be available, but if I find when packing your order that a sort is no longer available, or not of good enough quality, I will give a refund for the ones missing.



Please note that cuttings will only be sent out after payment has been received!!

Thank you for shopping with us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page.



Should you have any complaints, please let me know as soon as possible and include a photograph of the parcel or cuttings under discussion. Do NOT just return the parcel. Thank you.



According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) I have to tell you what I do with the data you make available when you order from the webshop. Well, I only use the data you provide to process your order. I do not collect the data in a spreadsheet or anywhere else, but I do keep the individual orders for tax purposes as I am legally obliged to do. I will NEVER share your data with anyone, so you need not worry that they will end up in the cloud or may be used for nefarious and/or commercial purposes.